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Graziela Birrer Paarberatung

Give room to your feelings

Graziela Birrer Paarberatung

Whether it's individual, couples, or family counseling, my goal is to accompany my clients on their personal development journey. My focus is to assist them in gaining a new perspective on their daily challenges or specific issues, and to use them as valuable opportunities for growth.

With many years of experience as a counselor, I have extensive professional and personal experience in addressing a wide range of topics. This includes working with a large diversity of people and relationships, and navigating the complexities of international mobility and migration.

Individual, Couples and Family Counseling


You will have the opportunity to express and externalize your feelings and concerns. Together, we will explore the potential causes and connections underlying these emotions. Our aim is to actively address your issues, fostering self-reflection, personal development, and assisting you in overcoming challenges. We will also work towards implementing positive changes that will enhance your overall well-being.

Couples Counseling

In a neutral and safe environment, couples will have the opportunity to view their relationships and challenges from a fresh perspective. You and your partner are encouraged to explore new approaches to interaction, while honoring your individual needs. Our goal is to enhance the connection between you both and improve the overall dynamics of your relationship.

Family counseling

Irrespective of the family structure or degree of affinity, all family members are encouraged to actively participate in the pursuit of new forms of interaction and relationships. Each individual will have the opportunity to express their perspectives and together, explore innovative ways of communicating and coexisting. Our focus is to promote healthy family dynamics and foster positive relationships within the family unit.

How and where can I assist you?

Individual, couples and family counseling can be provided online or in person,

take place in Zurich and Aarau.

Sessions can be conducted in English, Portuguese or German.

Graziela Birrer Paarberatung


Graziela Birrer Beratung




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