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Family counseling

Graziela Birrer Beratung

What is family counseling?

Challenges and difficulties are part of family life. In Family Counseling, it is important that everyone has the possibility to expose their feelings, difficulties and concerns, can identify and assume their individual responsibilities, develop empathy and learn new patterns of interaction and family relationships.

Families of the same nationality or intercultural, who are looking to improve interaction and family dynamics, increase empathy, respect and communication within the home.

Who can do family counseling?

In my work with families we focus on the individual themes that are presented, respecting the needs of each family member. Most of the time I work with parents, with a systemic approach. I help them make room for their feelings and concerns, identify and understand the difficulties they are facing, and approach the situation from a new perspective.

My method of working with Family Counseling.

Possible topics that we will address in Family Counseling
  • Identify and implement changes

  • Understand and deal with relationship difficulties better

  • Develop common values for family life

  • Reconciliation of individual needs with family life

  • Improve understanding and improve communication

  • Resolve conflicts and improve relationship skills

  • Clarify and deal with frequent and growing conflicts

  • Dealing with stress and tension

  • Understand and overcome migration-related difficulties

  • Understanding and dealing with conflicts and challenges in binational families

  • Understand the separation and divorce process better

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