Psychological counseling -

Single person, couple  and family 

Individual counseling

Do you aim at positive changes and wish to achieve progress in your life? During individual counseling, you will be accompanied by me in an appreciative, value-free, and understanding manner. Through a holistic approach, I support you in understanding your feelings, looking at your life story, and finding possible strategies to deal with your challenges. 


During the sessions, I make use of dialog techniques and different methods to work individually on the topics and concerns that you bring up. I encourage your self-reflection and help you gain a new perspective on your situation. We define goals that are important to you. With your motivation and personal responsibility, and my support, you will gain new insights, try new approaches, and work out suitable solutions for you to regain joy.

Possible topics
  • Challenges in difficult life situations

  • Identity crises

  • Difficulties in connection with the migration process

  • Partnership and relationship problems

  • Communication, conflict and relationship skills (in private and professional life)

  • Overcoming crises and difficulties (private, family or professional)

  • Decision-making process

  • Release blockages and potential development

  • Divorce and grief

  • Low self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Overcoming depressive mood, lack of drive and demotivation

  • Increase satisfaction in everyday life;

  • Activation of resources to deal with routine difficulties and personal challenges such