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Graziela Birrer Beratung

Individual Counseling


What is individual counseling?

Are you looking for positive changes? In individual counseling you will find a welcoming environment where you can express your concerns, explore your emotions and feelings, and work on your personal issues. It is a great opportunity for self-development and resolution of blocks, as well as a new perspective on your situation.


Anyone who is looking for change, development, self-knowledge or is facing challenges in their life and/or relationship. Psychological counseling works on prevention, stabilization and development, and can be complementary to psychotherapy or psychiatric follow-up.

Who can do individual counseling?


During the individual sessions I use a combination of different methods and interventions, which I adapt to the specific needs, themes and objectives of each client. In this way, people are invited to explore their feelings, beliefs and behaviors, process challenging memories, and identify aspects of their lives they want to improve. You will be encouraged to develop new strategies and approaches to your life and relationships, and take responsibility for your personal development process.

My method of giving Individual Counseling.

Possible topics that we will address in your Individual Counseling
  • Desire for change

  • Personal or professional reorientation

  • Challenges, difficulties and crises

  • Identity or life crisis

  • Rethink and look for solutions

  • Integration difficulties related to the migration process

  • Relationship challenges

  • Communication, conflict and relationship skills (in private and professional life)​

  • Decision making

  • Release and develop potential

  • Separation and grieving process

  • Feelings of inferiority and boosting self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Discouragement and demotivation

  • More satisfaction in everyday life

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