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Graziela Birrer Paarberatung

I am am truly believer in the development of human beings and their ability to grow.


As a Psychological Counselor, with a Swiss Federal Diploma in Psychosocial Counseling, I carry out the rewarding work of accompanying people, couples and families in their development process, overcoming difficulties and improving their quality of life.


Permanent professional improvement I achieve through supervision and intervention, seminars and lectures, in addition to specialization courses and continuing education.


My contact with international communities is intensified, in addition to my work, by the various volunteer activities and social projects I have been involved with since I moved from Brazil to Switzerland.


My previous degree in social communication and experience of more than ten years in a corporate environment allow me to assist professionals in crisis or conflicts in the work environment, and multicultural teams.


Living in Switzerland since 2005, married to a Swiss man and mother of two, I consider it a privilege to be able to use my personal experience as a migrant and member of a multicultural family as a complement to theoretical and practical knowledge in my work with people in similar situations.

Basic training and further education

Basic and advanced training


  • Ongoing participation in various seminars


  • Ongoing supervision and intervision groups


  • Advanced training in body-centered sexological counseling - IKP

  • Counselor in the psychosocial area with a federal diploma (advanced technical examination)


  • Further training in Systemic Counseling - couples and families - IKP


  • Body-centered psychological counselor IKP (extended gestalt therapy)

IKP Institute for Body-Centered Psychotherapy


  • Bachelor degree in Communication




Graziela Birrer Beratung
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