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Couples counseling

Graziela Birrer Paarberatung

What is couples counseling?

Love is important in relationships, but it's not always enough. Couples often face challenges discussing sensitive topics, healing past wounds, or communicating their needs. Couple counseling offers a safe space for open dialogues, expressing emotions, and discussing important matters. It helps improve communication, deepen understanding, and address issues in a supportive environment.

Anyone who is in a relationship and is looking for new perspectives to deal with existing difficulties or conflicts, wants to develop, rekindle passion, increase connection with each other or learn to communicate more positively. In couples of different nationalities, cultural differences and migration, although fascinating and enriching, can also generate difficulties, accusations and feelings of guilt and frustration. These and other topics can also be addressed during the sessions.

Wo can do coulples counseling?

My objective is to assist couples in viewing their relationships and challenges from a fresh perspective, while honoring their individual needs and enhancing their connection. I provide guidance and support as they tap into their inner and resources, explore potential solutions, and develop new strategies to achieve their defined goals. Through a combination of couple and individual sessions, we work together to improve the dynamics of their relationship.

My method of working with Couples Counseling

Possible topics that we will address in Couples Counseling
  • Desire for change

  • Understand and deal with relationship problems better

  • Develop common values for living together or raising children

  • Overcoming relationship difficulties through migration

  • Resolving conflicts and challenges in binational couples and families

  • Improving perception and communication in binational couples

  • Increase communication skills and encourage dialogue

  • Organize the needs of individuals and couples

  • Increase mutual understanding

  • Self-awareness, recognize and express feelings

  • Enhance tenderness, intimacy and sexuality

  • Revitalize and renew the relationship

  • Dealing with the different phases of the relationship - e.g. birth or growth of children

  • Understand and overcome disappointments and infidelities

  • Accompany and support the separation and divorce process

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