Psychological counseling -

Single person, couple  and family 

Family counseling

Challenges and difficulties are part of family life. I can support you in taking personal responsibility as well as help you and your family to find a more satisfactory way to interact with each other. We will practice new technics of communication, will focus on the activation of your resources, and you will be invited and guided in a creative search for solutions.

I often work with multicultural and international families. Migration, different backgrounds, and cultural differences play a significant role in family life. These and other topics can be explored and addressed during the family counseling sessions, which increases empathy and mutual understanding and can improve the relationship dynamics.

My work with families is about giving space to all members so that they can recognize and express their feelings and concerns and work on their issues. The different needs, as well as perspectives and experiences of all family members, are taken into consideration and respected. I help you to identify and understand problems and possible causes. Together we look at the situations and difficult topics from a different perspective and work on the development of strategies and possible solutions.

Possible topics
  • Desire for change

  • Understand and cope with relationship difficulties

  • Develop common values for family life

  • Reconciling individual needs with family life

  • Changes in the family - e.g. new parents

  • Gain mutual understanding and improve communication

  • Solve conflicts and improve relationship skills

  • Clarify and process frequent and escalating conflicts

  • Dealing with stress and tension

  • Educational difficulties and questions

  • Difficulties due to migration

  • Conflicts and challenges in binational and international families

  • Separation and divorce support

  • Living in a patchwork family